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RT @cincyblog The Nuclear Option Is the Choice Du Jour Link // Austerity isn't helping Europe...why do it in Hamilton Co.?
Hey, Ohioans: Tuesday, Oct. 9th (tomorrow) is LAST DAY to register to vote in Ohio. Board of Election will be open 8 AM to 9 PM.
If you haven't seen @DanielBBeaty's AMAZING play "Through the Night" @ @CincyPlay, DO SO. It was fantastic! Link
Hey, #Asus, where are those #Nexus7 docks you promised us way back when??
So disappointing to see PG Sittenfeld being a typical politician: Link #Cincinnati deserves better.
Unfair how some Obama critics feel a need to go back to LAST CENTURY to pick on something he said when Romney gives up new gems every day.
A man needs a day each week where he doesn't have to shave.
Hey #Bearcats fans, here's a LivingSocial deal if you want to attend the 9/29 UC-Virginia Tech game (away): Link
So Poco a Poco in Hyde Park #Cincinnati is closed...was open earlier this week. Anyone know what's up? Link
I just used my phone to send a YouTube video of a robot on Mars from the Internet to my TV via a wireless network #livinginsciencefiction
I need some non-volatile memory implanted in my head to hold stuff my bioRAM doesn't seem to want to retain.
RT @mongabay 60% of the world's adorable tarsiers are threatened (CHART) Link // Annoyingly, the ugly ones are doing fine.
MT @neiltyson Rowing on Mars would log ~ same race times. Hardly any mvmnt w/ or against 62% lower grav. there // Rowing in WHAT exactly?
Apparently, the US is at its lowest tax rate in 30+ years (since the CBO kept track): Link