Sundance Catalog Rejects Unflattering Reviews

I ordered a $15 dog toy made of leather and rope from Sundance Catalog. This one (click any screen shots to open full size in a new window):

It arrived. I gave it to our dog to play with. Within 15 minutes, she ate half of it. Over the next 12 hours, she threw up twice, acted generally unhappy, and we ended up taking her to the vet to make sure nothing dangerous was stuck in her stomach or intestines. After 2 days on a restricted diet, all the parts had passed. 

I wasn't very happy that this supposedly "durable" toy took our dog only 15 minutes to destroy. And I wasn't pleased that it seemed to her like food...good dog toys don't give that impression. So, I went on to Sundance Catalog's website and wrote a 1-star review basically saying what I said in the above two paragraphs.

That review was rejected for supposedly violating their review guidelines:

So I checked out their review guidelines:

So, I wrote another review which adhered strictly to these guidelines. Here's the text of that review:

That one was also rejected.

Suspecting that any 1-star review would be rejected, I scoured their website for a good 20 minutes and found not a single review with less than 3 stars out of 5.

So, I'm wondering...which of their guidelines did my reviews actually not follow? Curiously, they've not answered that question. I guess the reason is that it doesn't, but having 1-star reviews might tarnish up their otherwise pretty website.

If companies are going to let customers review products, they should let them do just that. Otherwise, why bother risking negative feedback? Because now that I know what they think of my opinion, I sure won't be buying anything else there.