FedEx SmartPost Not Very Smart


I recently bought a t-shirt from an online retailer. Their chosen method of shipping the shirt to me is a new service from FedEx called "SmartPost," which uses FedEx facilities/transportation part of the journey and then hands off to the US Postal Service for final in-home delivery.

A large number of this retailer's customers have noticed that SmartPost takes a really long time to get from the origin to the destination and often follows some rather peculiar, if not nonsensical, routes. As an example, here's the route my own package is following:

Manifest ID: 218_____
Status: Sortation Center Departure
Est. in Home 07/31/2007
Date Time Description Location
July 23, 2007 5:00 PM Pickup CARROLLTON, TX
July 23, 2007 6:05 PM Sortation Center Arrival DALLAS, TX
July 24, 2007 7:10 AM Sortation Center Departure DALLAS, TX
July 25, 2007 2:34 AM Sortation Center Arrival NEW BERLIN, WI
July 26, 2007 8:15 AM Sortation Center Departure NEW BERLIN, WI
July 26, 2007 5:26 PM Sortation Center Arrival GROVE CITY, OH
July 27, 2007 3:01 AM Sortation Center Departure NEW BERLIN, WI
July 27, 2007 8:02 PM Sortation Center Arrival CHARLOTTE, NC
July 31, 2007 5:10 AM Sortation Center Departure CHARLOTTE, NC

And just for fun, here's a map showing the rather circuitous path my t-shirt has taken so far (the purple envelope is the origin in Carrollton and the golden house icon is my home in Cincinnati):


Needless to say, I don't think it's going to be making it to my house by the estimated delivery date.

Update (8/2/08): My second item sent SmartPost took only 5 days to get from Texas to my home in Ohio, so maybe they're improving things. One can only hope.


The temper trantrums are silly. Amazon quotes "14 days" for Super Saver shipping. If you get it sooner, you win. If you ordered your item on May 30, then you have no right to complain until June 13.

Amazon offers you faster shipping for a fee (or an Amazon Prime subscription). You want to get it faster than 14 days? You pay for it.

It's quite obvious why Fedex offers the service, and why shippers use the service. There are *enormous* cost savings when you send packages on a space-available basis and induct them into the local postal system. Obviously, speed is the casualty. For half the shipping fee, you shouldn't expect it to take the same amount of time.

I have had very bad experiences with "FedEx SmartPost" also. I PAID for shipping from Amazon. I didn't choose free shipping because I knew it would take too long. So, here I am still waiting a loooong time; but, hey I got to pay for this wait! I have never received anything shipped by smartpost that was treated any better than 3rd class mail; and we all know what a package has to go through at that level of importance. I had an order shipped by SmartPost that took so long the vendor deemed it lost and placed the order again for me at their expense. That pkg arrived in a timely manner. A week or so later, the original pkg came limping to my door beaten and torn up. I sent it back to the vendor just as it was.

This is very true I also ordered from an online retailer and after viewing my tracking info my package has taken numerous trips. It seemed that it past right by the city in which I live, but has not yet arrived.

Hey, I live in Cincinnati too, and just like you, I ordered a shirt from Woot (I assume it was Woot because the starting point for your package's journey was Texas). I ordered the shirt two weeks ago, and it just arrived yesterday. Just like yours, it went all over the country before it actually arrived. I guess I can't really complain because the shipping was free, but come on, retailers: Be held accountable for the shipping service you decide to use.

I live less than twenty minutes away from Woot's headquarters, and it still takes several days to receive a package. The Fedex tracking list reads like a text version of the Family Circus kid's wanderings. It starts in Carrollton, goes twenty miles south to Dallas, then thirty miles south to Hutchins(?!), forty miles north to Irving, then finally arrives at my door. The direct route from their shipping warehouse to my home? Less than fifteen miles. I realize it's on Fedex's hands once Woot ships something, but damn. And smartpost seems even worse. It's got to be manhandled by Fedex for a couple of days before the USPS even gets it? Ugh. I love Woot, but they've got to get some better shipping options.

FedEx Smart Post.....never again. I ordered a product out of Wisconsin and it was to be delivered to me in Arizona. It was picked up and sent to a sorting station in Wisconsin. It Left Wisconsin and went to a sorting station in Pennsylvania. It left Pennsylvania and made it to the Phoenix sorting station. Yeah!!! Almost here...not quite. Left Phoenix and went to Ohio and sat. The morning of so called delivery I called FedEx and asked if it was going to be delivered since it was sitting in Ohio. FedEx rep "let me look into it and call you back".....still waiting. I called the company I purchased from and in about two minutes they were able to determine that my shipment was being sent back to them (unknown why). They are going to send a replacement shipment, guess FedEx smart post. I don't think that's very "smart", but we'll see. I'm agravated yet amused at the same time.

Completely agree, this is NOT an efficient nor cost effective way for a company to send a package, at least not if they wish repeat business! I ordered a few items from Dillard's and it will end up taking 9 days from the day it shipped (from TN.) for me to receive it in New York. It goes to various FedEx sorting locations and then ends up at the post office for delivery! This is a stupid way to ship a package and whomever in the marketing department at Dillard's suggested this shipping method needs to have a package sent to their home just to see how annoying it is!

I just leave negative feedback complaining for delivery time if I get Fedex SmartPost on e-bay.

Non-ebay gets negative feedback as merhant and negative feedback for product. We need to do something about this Fedex SmartPost

I ordered 3 items from Circuit City, iPod Shuffle, iPod Shuffle wall charger, and a memory card. The package-shipped via SmartPost-arrived containing ONLY the memory card. The box was clearly opened on the bottom and resealed. The packing information glued to the top flap of the box was removed. Circuit City, nor FedEx SmartPost will hold themselves accoutable. How can this be!!!!????

Yeah thanks alot Fed Ex, it is your Hub support!!
I had a package that was already in my city, and it was some dumb FUCK who put it on a plane 1000 miles away, only to be re-routed back. I call and ask w/a tracking number,flight path, and orgin it ended up at, only to be told it was my fault, along with the original shipper. The package was already here you stupid fuck-stains!!! Thanks for nothing, hope your shit gets lost one day!!!

Ah, a woot shirt... mine always take forever as well, and Im in Wisconsin as well. Dont feel bad, if it matters that much, spend the extra $5.

The first time I used smartpost the post office claimed they tried to deliver it and never did. So I had to go and pick it up form the post office. Now the second time around my package is being held up at the post office again. It's been there since Friday. I thought well maybe they'll deliver it Sat or Mon. Nope still hung up at the PO. So I called the PO on Tues and they said oh yeah it's here and we'll get it out to you today. It's now wed, and I don't get off in time to pick it up, what a bummer service. Just pure genius.

The smartpost packages must not be a priority. I think that is why they get sent to the boondocks and back before you get it...if you get it! Just pure genius...the things people do to create jobs...unnecessary jobs...unnecessary postage. Smartpost cost the same amount to ship UPS. should be called DUMBPOST!!!


"You can rely on our industry-leading sorting, tracking, and logistics technology to get your package to its destination."

F**K ME! What a joke!

Another load of B.S. quoted from the Fedex website:

FedEx SmartPost takes your package as close as possible to your customer before giving it to USPS for residential delivery. By skipping intermediate postal processing centers, we reduce transit time, minimize handling, and maximize postal discounts. Throughout the delivery process, we utilize our technology to provide shipment visibility of your packages while they are en route to their destinations.

Under our zone-skipping program, we deliver packages to Bulk Mail Centers (BMC), Sectional Center Facilities (SCF), and Destination Delivery Units (DDUs) based on your needs. For fastest delivery and highest discounts, we sort packages by 5-digit ZIP codes and ship directly to DDUs (local post offices).

Packages shipped to BMCs are delivered in-home by the USPS in 3 days; 90 percent of the packages shipped to SCFs are delivered by the USPS in just two days. The majority of packages arriving at DDUs by 7 a.m. are usually delivered in-home by the USPS that same day, with the remainder delivered the following day.

The company I work for receives the SmartPost parcels from FedEx and delivers it to the DDU's. The loads come in generally to us the night before delivery. I know FedEx makes alot of mis-ships. 29 stops on our route and boxes are bound to get mis-sorted once in awhile. At the end of the day . . . there is usually 20 to 30 boxes that were sent to be on our route that actually were destined to every other part of the country. 30 boxes out of 2000? 1.5% of them are mis-sorted. I think thats damned good. I mean would you buy from an eBay seller with 98.5% positive? Thats almost more effective than most birth control. The speed on the other hand . . . you get what you pay for.

> You get what you pay for

Only, I don't always have a choice - nor am I always told a package will go out SmartPost. I'd be happy to pay to avoid SmartPost - and have stopped ordering from retailers that don't offer something else.

This is the wii I ordered from circuit city. Fedx says the post office has it. The post office says they never got it, so someone eles must be having fun playing my wii

June 2, 2008 10:09 AM Shipment Accepted LINCOLN, NE *
June 2, 2008 10:04 AM USPS Entry GATEWAY STATION, NE
June 1, 2008 12:32 PM Sortation Center Departure NEW BERLIN, WI
May 31, 2008 2:29 PM Electronic Shipping Info Received LINCOLN, NE *
May 31, 2008 1:48 PM USPS Electronically Notified LINCOLN,NE
May 30, 2008 1:20 AM Sortation Center Arrival NEW BERLIN, WI
May 29, 2008 7:04 AM Sortation Center Departure DALLAS, TX
May 28, 2008 8:32 PM Sortation Center Arrival DALLAS, TX
May 28, 2008 8:09 PM Pickup ARDMORE, OK

* indicates data from USPS

OMG...I ordered some shoes from an online retailer and guess what?! It was sent by FedEx SmartPost!! The last time I tracked it was June 1st, 2008 in Atlanta, GA. I live in Greensboro, NC. A week later it's still not here! Smart Post, not so smart!

the service is economy, so calm down. those shipping charges you're being charged for are created by the companies, not smartpost. smartpost gets maybe a dollar or two. go complain to the company. they're the ones that chose to use an economy service. yes, economy. that means it could take a while. if you want it faster, pay the money. it usually takes about 5-10 business days, which can be about 2 weeks including weekends. smartpost is not typical fedex service. and don't complain about how ups never messes up- they have the exact same service. ups mail innovations/ups basic. same thing.

if you're so unhappy about your package being sent economy and you being charged too much for economy shipping, your gripe is with the company you ordered from, not smartpost.

Fedex Smart what? This thing is not smart at all. Next time I'll not buy anything that will be shipped via this method.

Here is my shipment ... Note HAS NOT been RECEIVED TODATE 6/27/08:

Date Time Description Location
June 27, 2008 8:41 AM Arrival at Unit HAMPTON,GA
June 26, 2008 9:31 AM DC/EVS Arrive HAMPTON,GA
June 26, 2008 8:45 AM Shipment Accepted THOMASTON, GA *
June 26, 2008 8:20 AM USPS Entry HAMPTON, GA
June 26, 2008 4:29 AM Electronic Shipping Info Received HAMPTON, GA *
June 26, 2008 4:00 AM Sortation Center Departure ATLANTA, GA
June 26, 2008 3:38 AM USPS Electronically Notified HAMPTON,GA
June 22, 2008 12:41 PM Sortation Center Arrival ATLANTA, GA
June 20, 2008 3:14 AM Sortation Center Departure LOS ANGELES, CA
June 18, 2008 11:45 PM Sortation Center Arrival LOS ANGELES, CA
June 18, 2008 5:11 PM Sortation Center Departure SACRAMENTO, CA
June 17, 2008 12:14 PM Sortation Center Arrival SACRAMENTO, CA
June 17, 2008 4:36 AM Pickup RENO, NV

Haveing the same trouble with "Smart"Post out in the Seattle area. I hope vendors get rid of that "service" soon.

Obviously SmartPost sucks, but from the comments I read most of you at least got tracking information. I ordered from a company that didn't give a carrier choice, and not only did it take forever to get here, but I was never able to view my tracking information. I received my package last saturday, and to this day when I go to the website to view my order status, it says "Order processing" and "Tracking number not yet available". I am in the process of searching the site for a way to leave feedback, and I am going to link this page so they can see exactly what customers think of their "smart, efficient, value-oriented and timely" shipping method.

I recently placed an order with the on-line catalog of a company that uses FedEx Smartpost. When I went on-line to track status, I came across this weblog. After reading these comments, and having had no prior experience with FedEx Smartpost, I was seriously concerned about receiving my package soon or even at all. But the concern was for nothing. The package left the company on June 23, and the mailman delivered it to my door the morning of June 30…. 5 business days later (I read somewhere their delivery time is 7-9 days). There were 2 sortation centers involved—at one the turnaround was a day and a half, and at the other the turnaround was 2 hours (in the middle of the night no less). So far I am much more favorably impressed with SmartPost than are most of the people who posted messages here.

AVOID Smart Post at all should be renamed "Stupid Post". My package is lost...and they have no idea. Duh????

I Ordered using FedEx SmartPost and My Package is supposed to be here today so I will wait and see, although I did notice it took a rather weird path. It went up from Illinois, to Berlin, Wisconsin, which may be a Sortation Center, and now its in West Virginia which is the state right beside mines so hopefully it will be here...

I live in Seattle, WA which is about a 15-20 min drive to Kent, WA and they are telling me that I will possibly get the package on Friday.. seriously today is Tuesday! It takes 4 days for a package to go 20 mins down the road? Wow, what a joke! I called the "Customer Service" line for SmartPost and the woman that I spoke with was quite rude and when I asked why it takes $ days for a package to go a few miles she says "Well we have to unload 20,000 packages and sort them, and there is a weekend in between so that takes longer." UM WHAT?!?!! IT'S TUESDAY?!! I kindly said "Thank you for your help" and got hung up on.

Est. in Home 07/11/2008

Date Time Description Location

July 8, 2008 3:02 AM Sortation Center Arrival KENT, WA

July 4, 2008 5:52 AM Sortation Center Departure NEW BERLIN, WI

July 3, 2008 9:42 PM Sortation Center Arrival NEW BERLIN, WI

This is the worst service I have ever seen. How can two great companies like Fedex and USPS equal a completely lousy system?? My order left 6/26 and as of today - 7/14 - I still don't have it. It went from Il to FL within a few days, and now its going back and forth form Orlando to Jax! And I'm south of Orlando. Est in Home by 7/5?!?!? Not!!! And the company I ordered through - Personal Creations, won't consider it missing until its a full 30 days MIA. Just crazy. I will never order from anybody that sends via this service. And hopefully they won't mislead by saying they send via Fedex.
Est. in Home 07/05/2008
Date Time Description Location
July 3, 2008 7:39 AM USPS Entry JAXVILLE, FL
July 2, 2008 7:42 PM Sortation Center Departure ORLANDO, FL
July 2, 2008 7:18 PM Electronic Shipping Info Received JACKSONVILLE, FL *
July 2, 2008 6:35 PM USPS Electronically Notified JACKSONVILLE,FL
June 29, 2008 8:29 AM Sortation Center Arrival ORLANDO, FL
June 27, 2008 1:09 PM Sortation Center Departure NEW BERLIN, WI
June 26, 2008 6:00 PM Sortation Center Arrival NEW BERLIN, WI
June 26, 2008 5:59 PM Pickup LEMONT, IL

Do they accept people in a box ? With gas prices so high, I cannot drive far this summer .... may as well take a trip around the country this way.

That happened to me, too! I ordered a wii fit from Circuit city, shipped via Fedex Smartpost. Shipped on 7/3, it SAID that it arrived at my local post office branch and I went there as well as the sortation center and neither one knew what to do. The post office was actually really helpful, went out of their way to help. Fedex--nada.

Avoid Smartpost like the plague.

By the way, Jim...Yes, I DO avoid ebay sellers with 98%...why bother?

I worked there on the initial crew that turned over Parcel Direct from Quad Graphics to FedEx. This company was designed to ship a product within about 2 weeks after they get it. It is supposed to help companies sort their packages out and get them to the nearest US Post Office on the cheap. I traveled to most of the main hubs, the ones with the big auto sorter machines; you can identify them above like the spokes on a wheel. The crazy pattern comes from lazy hub operators that send all packages that fail to scan to the next major hub instead of manually scanning them to the right destination. No, they don’t really know where your package is other than the scan points which they show you which is actually being dangerously honest.

I ordered a package & paid for 2 - 4 day delivery It was to be shipped via FedEx & delivered to my front door. 8 days later, it shows up in my mailbox. I paid $13.00 shipping fees. If I spend $13.00 to have a package shipped via FedEx -& specify it is to be left at my front door, I want that lazy truck driver to get his ass out of the truck & carry my package to my front door! Fuck! What a STUPID system.

I too ordered a wii from Circuit City. I'm watching my package sit in Orlando two hours south for 3 days now. Yes it was the "free" shipping from circuit city, but had they said before I submitted my payment that the "free" shipping was the slowest possible route on earth I would have opted for a few extra bucks to actually get the thing. With today's automated system there's no reason why anything should take that long. I've had media mail from Canada come quicker, and that has to clear customs.

I expect you FedEx guys to stick up for your company, but don't talk about it being other employees fault. FedEx hires and controls the work being done at their facilities. They are ultimately responsible for everything entrusted to their system.

The excuse that weekends and holidays slow things down is bogus too. Everyone everywhere just about works on weekends and holidays. The planes fly, the trucks roll, the automated sorters don't care what day it is. The only time a weekend or holiday matters is when is comes to delivery at the house. The weekend and holiday excuse is so Sears & Roebuck old.

Circuit City should use a "pop-up" when you select free shipping. "Caution, we use FedEx SmartPost, the delivery method you have chosen will take significantly longer than you have become accustom too in the modern age. If you wish to receive your shipment before you forgot you ordered it please select another method".

Here's to hoping to see my wii in a few days

this is the second time some thing has been shipped by smart post. the first one after being routed back and forth from lettsdale pa to grove city ohio 3 times they lost it. this time it went from lettsdale pa to orlando fl then to grove city ohio again when i called they had no reason a i stated it wasnt smart post more like dumb ass post use the pony express its faster

I am having the same problem in Long Island NY.
I ordered a desktop PC,monitor and printer from Circuit City for my son's birthday. The printer and monitor arrived by 07/31(4 days). He is still waiting for the Computer.The Fedex/Smartpost
routing map shows that the PC left the Sortation Center in NJ on 07/31/08 but never got to the P.O. in LI .
Circuit City sent an e-mail that it could take until 08/15/08 for the PC to get to my son.

So much for "Free Shipping" !!! They call this a "High Tech" operation!! The Pony Express did a better job in its days !!!
I am starting to wonder if the PC "fell off the truck" between NJ and LI. Wish me luck !!

I have my share of bad experiences has happened twice with my case it took 3 days to come my shirt from Edison NJ to Hartford CT :-) so now onwards whenever thr is any smartpost which should be named as stupid post involved i wud rather not go for it....njoy

FEDEX smartpost is full of s#!+. I placed an order through walmart on the 19th of Jul for 3 items. Necklace and game disc sent via USPS and received shortly thereafter, xbox 360 (graduation gift)was shipped thru Fedup dumbpost and it went thru wisconsin,sacramento ca, richmond ca, sacramento (again), san fran then back to richmond and it has sat there since the 28th of Jul and hasnt budged. It is now the 14th of Aug and my order has yet to move to honolulu. I complained to walmart on them using this service especially since I was charged about $21 for shipping it thru this crap service. I was not given a choice from walcrap on shipping preferences.DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!

My package is having a tour of the country too. Fedex delivered the package to Plano TX for delivery, which was correct. However, for some strange reason it looks like USPS put it on a truck and now its in Austin TX!

August 23, 2008 4:10 AM Arrival at Unit AUSTIN,TX

August 22, 2008 1:09 PM DC/EVS Arrive AUSTIN,TX

August 22, 2008 7:00 AM Shipment Accepted PLANO, TX *

August 22, 2008 5:21 AM Electronic Shipping Info Received PLANO, TX *

August 22, 2008 4:40 AM USPS Electronically Notified PLANO,TX

August 22, 2008 4:00 AM Sortation Center Departure DALLAS, TX

August 21, 2008 9:29 AM Sortation Center Arrival DALLAS, TX

August 20, 2008 8:45 AM Sortation Center Departure MARTINSBURG, WV

August 18, 2008 10:29 PM Sortation Center Arrival MARTINSBURG, WV

August 18, 2008 5:28 PM Pickup MARTINSVILLE, VA

I ordered a doghouse for my new puppy at on August 12. The expected delivery date was August 26. As usual i kept up with the tracking of the item and not unlike the many posts above, it has taken many indirect, must I say stupid, routes. It has been "sleeping" for a full week in Sacramento, CA, a 10-minute drive from where I live, Davis, CA. Two weeks and also a week from the expected delivery date have already gone by, and it still hasn't come. I am fully aware that the doghouse came with free shipping, but this is just too much and unacceptable.

I haven't read through all the comments, but I am pretty sure that I have you all beat--by almost 3000 miles.

My package left NJ on 8/27
It arrived in Wisconsin on 8/29
It sat in New Berlin, 109 miles from my home for several days--until mid day 9/3.

It was in Kent WA on 9/3.
Now it's resting comfortably in Sacramento, CA.

I usually have a policy of not using FedEX since my son's Christmas package--mailed Dec 9 with a rush, sat in the airport in Milan Italy for 2 weeks with him living right down the road. He finally got it the middle of January. I demanded a refund and got one. I loved how the check said "service failure".

Man i'm ordering shoes from using this shipping meathod and oh my goodness its been in this sortation center in Arizona for 2 weeks now and has never left and its only 200 miles away from my house. I think i can just take my car and go on a 3 hour drive and just pick it up!!! Only if gas was 1.50 dollar a gallon i would. but going down there right now i would just be paying for 20 pairs of nike shoes.

I ordered two purses from the Buxton Company official on-line site. I paid extra for expediated delivery but there was no info as to the shipping company or how long it would take to arrive. Today I called Buxton and got tracking number and found it was shipped 9/12 by Fed EX Smart Post. So I went to their web site and entered tracking number (22 numbers totaled). Site brought up no info. Called Buxton back to confirm tracking number. They gave me a different number to call than the regular Fed Ex number.When I called, I was unable to have the option to speaking with a person and had to leave a voice memssage. No response back yet. So where is my package?? I would never shop with a company that ships by Fed Ex Smart Post again. Too hard to track. Not worth the amount I had to pay (for each item separately) for expediated delivery. I ordered on 9/9 and they waited until 9/12 to ship and today is 9/15. So I am really annoyed at both Buxton and the Fed Ex Smart Post.

I have been trying to track my order by FEDX and unable to figure it out untill I ran onto this web site.... I will never order again from that company if this is the only way they will ship.. UPS makes FEDX look like shipping by Wells Fargo Stage Lines.... only I bet they would at least be more direct. They can keep their FedX DUMB POST....
Now luckily i havent had to deal with this DumbPost but for 2 times and i said i'd never use it after the last time it took a $3 cellphone battery 3 trips round the country b4 i got it.Too bad i didnt have any options for shipping this time. Now it seems i got the luxury of it again.... here's the progress so far, by the way im about 15 miles from the NEW BERLIN, WI facility

??? Why did it just takke off for Massachusetts ???
September 23, 2008 8:05 PM Sortation Center Arrival NORTHBOROUGH, MA
September 23, 2008 10:22 AM Sortation Center Departure NEW BERLIN, WI
September 20, 2008 1:22 PM Sortation Center Arrival NEW BERLIN, WI
September 20, 2008 6:19 AM Sortation Center Departure GROVE CITY, OH
September 20, 2008 4:34 AM Sortation Center Arrival GROVE CITY, OH
September 19, 2008 1:22 PM Sortation Center Departure DALLAS, TX
September 19, 2008 9:29 AM Sortation Center Arrival DALLAS, TX
September 18, 2008 3:24 PM Sortation Center Departure GROVE CITY, OH
September 18, 2008 9:08 AM Sortation Center Arrival GROVE CITY, OH
September 17, 2008 8:45 PM Sortation Center Departure MARTINSBURG, WV
September 17, 2008 10:29 AM Sortation Center Arrival MARTINSBURG, WV

I will NEVER use a retailer that ships with Fed Ex Smart Post again. I could have gotten the item I ordered by Pony Express!!! Stay away from it. It's difficult to track and a royal pain!

I just wanted to drop by and quickly mention that I managed to escape the trouble everyone else here seems to have found with SmartPost. I ordered something Monday, and it was delivered to me on Saturday. It looks like it went through only one hub (New Berlin, WI) and then straight to my post office and then my house. I do live in the Chicago suburbs, so maybe the proximity to New Berlin, which seems to be a major hub for them, might help. Just thought I would offer a little hope to those who are worried about their packages!

I recently ordered something on and I received half of the order a week ago, but for some reason they used Smart Post (AKA Dumbpost) to ship the other half of it, and when I log into my account to try to track it it says that there is not anything under that number and it can't even find it. I am not HAPPY with this service!!!

I ordered contacts online with back on 10/10/2008. They finally shipped them 3 weeks later on 10/31/2008. The package has the wrong address on it currently. I noticed the wrong address and called to inform them of it. They said they would resend it to the right address as soon as they got it back. I thought.. oh no big deal. So I checked where my package was last week, in California, as of 10/6.

Today I checked it again. Still hasn't moved from California. Now I am ticked since I need those contacts badly. I called fedex, and they where like oh.. smart post, let me transfer you. They transfered me to a woman who couldn't do anything for me at all, except tell the shipper that it may take awhile for them to send it back.

Then I called, and they told me they would contact their tracking department. Their tracking department sent me and email stating that they cannot ship anything until it has been missing for 30 days. 30 days???? I called back to and begged to speak to a supervisor. All she said she could do is charge my credit card again for another shipment, and they had my lenses in stock. I was like, not acceptable! I told her if I don't get them by next week, I will be calling my credit card company and tell them not to pay you. She was like.. "fine".

I then took a break, and called fedex again. They told me to call my local post office. I am like, I can't since my package is lost in California and I live in Wisconsin. They told me then to call.. 888-505-3400.

I called that number and I finally got someone who understood my frustration and asked my name and address and phone number, and told me they would call when they found my package, they were sending out an investigator to find it! Woot! I am still awaiting a phone call from them about my package.. but hopefully they will get it moving again!

This is my first experience with FedEx Smart Post and it's horrible. I ordered 2 items online from Aeropostale 2 days apart. The item ordered second arrived today but the one that shipped first is still in limbo. I called FedEx and they transfered me to the number for Smart Post. There's no option to speak to a live rep and they prompt you to leave a detailed message and they'll return your call. Too bad the mailbox is full and it won't accept new messages. WTF?!?This is no way to run a business or to treat their customers. Horrible!

lol. it sucks.. i live in kentucky and my package was in cincinatti, and they sent it to wisconsin, then to indian apolis, then back to cincinatti... how stupid is that!

I ordered something from on 12/17 First they tell me it went USPS and can track it from their web site or USPS web site.Came back invalid #. Then they tell me it went FED EX smart post and gave me a new tracking #,tried to track it and it still comes up invalid.Was trying to send something to my sister in a Louisiana nursing home in time for Christmas. The way it looks by these comments maybe she will get it by her birthday in August. Lets just hope shes still around by then to enjoy it.

I ordered a part from Whirlpool for an oven on 11/21/08. They told me it would go FedEx Ground. After more than 10 days I called and they said it was shipped SmartPost(Dumb) & gave me a tracking number. Today is 12/23/08 and neither FedEx nor USPS nor Whirlpool knows where the package is. No one will take responsibility saying it is the fault of the other.

DO NOT USE SMARTPOST! It saves the shipper a few bucks but you never get your package!

I ordered two Christmas presents from The Tog Shop on December 18. When I checked the Fedex tracking number yesterday I found delivery was promised for December 28!! There had been no warning from the retailer that these items would not be delivered before Christmas. I called The Tog Shop to complain - to no avail. Since I was determined to warn other would-be customers of this problem, I accidentally discovered the whole LONG list of complaints, similar to mine, about the Fedex SmartPost/USPS link and how unsatisfactory it is. Both customers and business owners should be forewarned that this system is not a good one!

I authored the comment at 11:38 a.m. West Coast time expressing my dissatisfaction with SmartPost/USPS because a Tog Shop order I placed on December 18 was listed in the Fedex tracking information as being scheduled for delivery December 27/28 and no warning had been given me that the item would not be here for Christmas.

Well, when I returned home from shopping a few minutes ago, it was sitting on my front porch. Everything was in perfect condition. I appreciate whatever last minute effort Tog Shop/Fedex/USPS made to get it here on time. However, I will be sure to ask any store in the future whether my shipment is scheduled to go Fedex SmartPost, as it seemed to be too much of a "cliffhanger".

I also have a package sitting twenty miles from my that was supposed to be here by Christmas. My four year old isn't understanding why his Christmas present isn't here. I ordered it on the 16th of Dec and was not told of the shipping method although it was guarteened to be here for Christmas. I was irritated that after 4 days of them not updating the shipping info it finally showed that the gift would not make it until the 26th. We gently explained it to my son. Today I look at the updated info and find that in fact the gift has been sitting less than 20 miles from my house since the morning of the 23rd. I could have gone and picked it up. Now instead of the 26th I am told maybe the 27th for delivery. What a joke! Eleven days to get here...if it even comes tomorrow.

I have a package that left Reno NV via Smart Post on 12/17 and went to Sacramento CA where it sat for 6 days. It is now in WI and is supposed to be in my home by 12/31. Considering that I ordered this item on November 5th, the shipping part is only about half the length of time that I have been waiting for delivery. Maybe I will get it by mid January????

Smartpost is supposed to take 2-7 days according to the website. I'm working on 18 days right now...

FedEx SmartPost is a scam. I've spent too much time on the phone today listening to several FedEx "customer service" reps explain to me that FedEx cannot tell me where my package (which was sent a month ago) may be. The last tracking entry was Dec. 11 and today is Jan. 5. One lady asked "Have you tried calling you local post office?" I said, "No, have you?" If they could handoff the package as quickly as they pass the buck, I would have had my delivery weeks ago. I can only hope their scam eventually collapses.

I HATE this service. I ordered some college textbooks from Borders and unbeknownest to me, they shipped via FedEx SmartPost. I ordered the text books two weeks ago and needless to say, I'll be starting college with no textbooks because my shipment is still not here.

The package is sitting in my city. I called FedEx to see if I could come pick it up, and of course they said "No, we are obligated to hand the package off to the USPS."

Well hand it off already!

Previous orders from have arrived promptly, and since it has been 5 days since I received notice that my order has been shipped I began to worry that I have seen no sign... Tracking the package from the order site reveals "sortation center arrival" in Earth City, MO 3 hours after pickup on January 2, only to remain there 4 days before showing "sortation center departure" on January 6 (Estimated arrival in Los Angeles: January 13th). WTF? How is this any smarter than USPS first class or priority mail for the same or cheaper cost? Asinine!

Oh, Re the above comment: This was "Expedited Shipping" by the way... Good thing I have a pair of glasses to fall back on, though I might need a new prescription by the time my contacts actually arrive! I think this is a way to encourage people upgrading the shipment option (and the s/h fees!)...

Still no college textbooks for me :(


Fedex Smartpost is the worst! I live in Honolulu, Hawaii so I expected it would take a little longer, but 3 weeks is way too much. It was shipped on the 10th and expected delivery date is the 31st! My packaged left Chino, Ca 4 days ago, I thought it would be in Honolulu by now, but no. I called Fedex today and they said oh it's probably on a freight train right now and the information will be updated when it gets to a center. I said why would it be on a freight train I live in Honolulu. He said oh it's probably then on its way to the Industry City before it flies to Honolulu. Industry City is about 30 miles away from Chino. I don't understand how it would take 4, almost 5 days to go 30 miles. I can't believe they still keep this kind of service around.

Date/Time Location/Activity
Jan 16, 2009 8:10 PM CHINO, CA/Departed FedEx location
Jan 16, 2009 12:00 AM HONOLULU, HI/Package data transmitted to USPS
Jan 15, 2009 11:32 AM CHINO, CA/Arrived at FedEx location
Jan 12, 2009 7:10 PM GROVE CITY, OH/Departed FedEx location
Jan 12, 2009 5:38 PM GROVE CITY, OH/Arrived at FedEx location
Jan 10, 2009 12:44 AM EDISON, NJ/Departed FedEx location
Jan 10, 2009 1:25 AM EDISON, NJ/Arrived at FedEx location

I ordered an Iron Gym from PDS in CA on 1/4/09. I tracked this thing until it hit the sortation facility in Earth City, MO on January 14. Today is January 24. 10 days later still no activity. When I called PDS, they already knew not to even bother. They decided it was easie just to send another one. FedEx SmartPost is so dumb, that the company who uses this service, won't even bother trying to locate their own item. It just gets written off. Dumb and Dumber!!

FedEx SmartPost - dumb idea. Takes forever to get parcel. Items are moved from one sorting hub to another (and back again) over at least a week. What is FedEx thinking? Tell your merchant that you want regular USPS service.

FedEx SmartPost - dumb idea. Takes forever to get parcel. Items are moved from one sorting hub to another (and back again) over at least a week. What is FedEx thinking? Tell your merchant that you want regular USPS service.

FedEx SmartPost - dumb idea. Takes forever to get parcel. Items are moved from one sorting hub to another (and back again) over at least a week. What is FedEx thinking? Tell your merchant that you want regular USPS service.

I ordered two of the snuggie's that is advertised on TV 12/20/2008 .I got an e-mail that it was shipped 1/23/2009. I haven't recieved any thing yet. It also was shipped by Fedxsmartpost.I guess I can expect at least another month.Never again. I'll try Walmart next time.

Hi, I ordered some items from Walter Drake on December 29. It went smartpost. Here is my tracking information:

All shipment travel activity is displayed in local time for the location
To display the shipment travel activity in local time of the scan, please select "Local Scan Time" time zone option.
No entries found
Jan 17, 2009 1:13 PM
In transit
Jan 12, 2009 10:35 AM
In transit
Tendered to USPS for delivery
Jan 12, 2009 8:36 AM
Departed FedEx location
Jan 12, 2009 12:00 AM
Package data transmitted to USPS
Jan 7, 2009 6:08 PM
Departed FedEx location
Jan 7, 2009 2:25 AM
Arrived at FedEx location

It is Feb 2 and I have not seen that package. I live in Kirkland so it was there on Jan 12!!! The post office was most uncooperative, as usual, and note it is still in transit to Minneapolis.
Walter Drake has since sent my items again by FedEx all the way!!! Very strange setup. Hope they discontinue this program real soon.

I had no idea what Fedex Smart Post was and now my package will be returned back to the sender. When I placed my order I gave my home address for delivery because I saw Fedex was the carrier, but I get my USPS mail in town at our P.O. Box. I called the post office and they said the normal carrier for our route would not deliver becasue we get out mail at the P.O. Box. Whay a mess and a waste of time.............

Woot has some awesome deals. But this is overshadowed by the fact that SMARTPOPST SUCKS!!! My last two orders were lost. Tracking shows that they were at the local post office but the lady at the post office says "If we had them we would have delivered them".

There are some great people at the post office and FEDEX but there have to be some who are loving SMARTPOST. Packages can disappear without accountability. Someone is enjoying my bluetooth headset and microSD cards.

By the way. My mailman Rocks!Rain, sleet or snow... he's at work.

FYI..FedEx Smart Post if FULL of illegals here where I live. I work for another division of FedEx, which I must say is awesome, but Smart Post has hired a HUGE amount of illegals and thus the problems. Have Immigration check out your local office. It is a joint adventure of the US Post Office and FedEx but pays nothing and seems to get by with it. They start those people off at least 5 or 6 dollars an hour less than other FedEx Companies.

As I'm retired I think I will ship myself from Mi to Ca by smartpost and that way I can see all of America for about 10 bucks?

I ordered a package shipping from california and paid the optional express shipping for 5 dollars In which was supposed to drop it from 2 weeks to 1 week it has currently been 3 weeks and still no package however 2 days ago after multiple emails to the company I recieved a tracking number stating that the USPS had recieved electronic notification 3 days ago. no new updates I understand that from california to PA is a distance but 3 weeks+ come on

I ordered something from a candy company in California, hoping to get it by Christmas. I never got it, yet fedex claims it was delivered. I did some tracking on it, and found it, buried in 4 feet of snow, when spring came around. Instead of putting in the mail box, or at the backdoor, they threw it into a snow heap. Not happy with Fedex anymore. Thank God, UPS doesn't do that~~


SmartPost Sucks. I can't believe Bass Pro Shops Used it on some items I ordered from them.

What a bunch of whining babies!

Don't most vendors tell you upfront that the SmartPost FREE shipping option takes a few weeks for your package to arrive?

SmartPost is a FREE shipping choice for most people. If you want faster shipping, you have to pay for it.

Amazon said my order would take a few weeks and it will be arriving tomorrow, which will have been 1.5 weeks.

I think this is bullshit i ordered a skateboard on March 3rd and its now the 19th and the damn thing still isnt here. Im stressin so much over this shit!

Hey all, just FYI:

I work for Smartpost. We know it's not the fastest way in the world to get your package, but by getting all of your shippers huge postal discounts by volume, we are the cheapest shipping option in the industry. Are we perfect? No, no one is. However, we have OTS (on-time service) percentages in the 98.6 range as a network. Our service windows range from 3-10 business days depending on distance (a shipper in CA shipping to Boston, for example, will likely go through 4 hubs).

If your package takes over 2 weeks to arrive, it probably got missorted by an individual worker in a sortation hub, which will obviously screw things up... but the network as a whole, inefficient as it may sometimes be in terms of miles travelled, is the cheapest way to get a package from the shipper's warehouse to your doorstep.

This is the maxim of the shipping industry: If you want it there faster, you gotta pay for it. If you want it there cheaper, you gotta wait for it.

When I saw that my package was going to be shipped via SmartPost, I Googled it because I wasn't familiar with SmartPost. I came here and was worried at first. Most of the criticism seemed to be about it taking a long time or going on circuitous routes. But because I had been told up-front by that if I chose the free shipping method (which turned out to be SmartPost) that I would have to wait 9 to 11 days, I didn't mind that. It looks like some people didn't realize that this was intended as a bargain-basement, lowest-priority service. The "smart" in SmartPost isn't about going fast or going in a straight line. It's about being cheap. But on top of that, I don't think most people realize how SmartPost works. By reading on FedEx's site, I found out that your package is not moving around individually. It has been bundled into a big group of packages. That's why, for example, your package may wait for days at a center before it moves somewhere: it's waiting for other packages to arrive at that center that need to go to the same next point. Also, it can explain why your package may go somewhere that doesn't make sense at first: there weren't enough other packages going directly to where yours needed to go. And again, this is low-priority shipping. It's basically only hitchhiking on trucks with free space on them. That's why retailers often provide SmartPost for free.

hey I work for fedex smartpost and from what i hear we must be doing pretty good because they are opening new hubs throughout the coutry and we also signed a contract with the Canadian Postal Service to help them liek we help the USPS. You guys talk bad about fedex smartpost but UPS and just regular Fedex has its ups and downs.

all of you have valid complaints, but i think that fedex smartpost is awesome!!!!! so all you weenies can bite me

I've been waiting for a pair of shoes to be shipped to me in Montana (not exactly a hub of civilization)from Wisconsin, and went online to try to track the shipment. I'm not at all familiar with 'Smartpost', and when I saw the company was shipping via Fedex, I didn't think anything of it...I didn't realize that 'Smartpost' was something entirely different. I tracked the shoes through two processing hubs, and then they were signed over to the USPS in Billings,MT (about a 9 hour drive from here). Apparently they made themselves at home there for several days before finding their way to me. I read all these horror stories this morning on this site, and felt sure I'd never get them before a trip I'm taking next week, but I'm psyched to announce that they came in the mail today. I really feel like I dodged the bullet on this one, and will definitely do more research into the means of shipping before I order anything else. To 'Smartpost's' credit (and the USPS), the shoes took 9 days to arrive (including a weekend), which was what they estimated the time of arrival to be. I wish everyone who has had problems with this service good luck...I know how frustrating delays like these are...


The Smartpost service is slow and it increases my risk as a consumer to have my package lost or damaged. That's what all of us "complainers" are complaining about. When we get our packages two weeks (or more) after ordering it and it's damaged, we're upset. Also, when we buy online out of convenience, then drive by the same store we purchased from at least 3-4 times during the two weeks we're waiting on our delivery and still don't receive our shipment because it's hung up in some sort center halfway across the USA, we have a right to be upset - especially when we've paid extra for shipping!! If it was free shipping, we wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Most of us don't have an option with Smartpost. I personally would never choose it because although it's "98% on time," it's still slow. It's hard to sugar coat two weeks in transit and damaged upon arrival...

To all decision makers... please don't choose Smartpost for your customers. Give us the option of standard ground. There are many boards like this one that trash this service. It's not Fedex we're upset with, it's the retailers who select this service. There are other options, but the mail/USPS should not be one of ours.....

I was looking for information on FedEx Smart Post and just wanted to add my own experience.

To get things here, it takes two weeks via FedEx Smart Post--even if the place is one state away; I try to plan accordingly if that's the service a company uses. I've also been able to see which town's FedEx seems to be the biggest problem en route. You can watch for trends. Not that it does any good, though! ;)

The worst for us was an item sent in December (2008). Our family is still waiting for it (April 2009). FedEx said consider it lost, and USPS, who still lists it as billing info. received, said there's nothing we can do about it.

Thankfully, most large companies will be helpful with refunding your money for losses, but the problem is that you have to wait so long before they truly deem something lost. Our family had to wait so long that the item was no longer available.

Ahhh...just reading all of this inspired me to share.
i ordered three marshmallow popper guns for friends in december 08. december 5th to be exact, thinking that would be plenty time to get them before christmas.
i didn't get them until january 9th.
thanks for nothing they have GOT to get other options for shipping besides smartpiss. i haven't ordered anything from them since.

holy crap.
i just ordered a book online using SmartPost (how stupid i was) about 3 days ago. Usually the company is pretty good in their delivery time... it's been 3 days now. I think it got to Sacramento, Ca, like yesterday at 3 a.m. and then stayed until the wee hours of the night... still haven't gotten it yet... and yeah, i live in Ca.
This sucks. does anyone know the number for FedEx??? I'm going to call them and ask for free stuff to make up for this shit.

Is there anyone working at FedEx SmartPost with an IQ above double digits??? This is
absolutely the stupidest fucking company I have ever had the misfortune
to deal with. My package has gone from Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ - BACK to Dallas, TX
to Earth City, MO and has a DELIVERY DATE APRIL 20th!!! What the fuck
does it take to figure out that Newton, KS is straight north of Dallas,
380 miles! I could walk from Dallas in that amount of time! 2 emails to
customer service asking what is the problem,they sent me my tracking number
again so I could see where my package is. I called the FedEx SmartPost
Account Services at 1-888-505-3400. Guess what? Due to the HIGH
VOLUME OF CALLS, they are not accepting any more calls!! What kind of
service is that????? I wonder why are they getting so many calls? Duh! If
this wasn't so fucking pathetic, it would be funny! The bad part is this is
my third experience with SmartPost and the first 2 where screwed up too, but
nothing like this. I will never use FedEx or buy from anyone that ships with
FedEx again.

Apr 4, 2009 7:30 PMShipment information sent to FedEx

Apr 6, 2009 10:25 PMArrived at FedEx location DALLAS, TX

Apr 7, 2009 1:38 AMDeparted FedEx location DALLAS, TX

Apr 9, 2009 1:03 PMArrived at FedEx location PHOENIX, AZ

Apr 9, 2009 10:21 PMDeparted FedEx location PHOENIX, AZ

Apr 13, 2009 8:34 PMArrived at FedEx location DALLAS, TX

Apr 14, 2009 2:18 AMDeparted FedEx location DALLAS, TX

Apr 14, 2009 11:25 PMArrived at FedEx location EARTH CITY, MO

Apr 15, 2009 still setting in EARTH CITY, MO - maybe leave tomorrow??

Ship date Apr 4, 2009
Estimated delivery Apr 20, 2009

To the poster that asked if there were any SmartPost employees with IQ's above double digits,

I know you are trying to be funny, but maybe you should construct a paragraph that looks as though it was written by somebody with an I.Q. above double digits. Or am I being presumptous... . Where looking for someone to hang out with?

I just came here to see opinions of SmartPost. I am more inclined to ship with FedEx knowing that the poster I responded to will never by my products.

First off, I am shocked to see where all of these packages have been! I think my package will end up more places than I have been! I only recently ordered a package that shipped from New Jersey. It then arrived in Ohio, which wasn't suprising. However, it next went to Michigan (far north). I LIVE IN INDIANA! Hello...the distance between the ohio/michigan transit would have put it on my doorstep! This is so peculiar! I think this is the case of the cheapness. It reminds me of Amazon's Free Shipping, which takes WEEKS to arrive. yikes!

I constantly use smartpost and always get mine within the estimated time. Honestly, pay extra if you don't have time to wait for it, otherwise it's a good service in my opinion.

please change the address on tracking # 9102830820648114793617 for Kathleen Rodriguez
6414 Roble Ave #8 L.A. CA 90042 address is incorrect on package and the package is lost or send to different fedx locations for the last 2 weeks please help cant get ahold of anyone to help me get my package.
thank you

Nobody here can help you...this is just a blog that you've left a comment on. I suggest you contact FedEx.
- Craig

ordered uniden phones from e-bay seller 5-19-09, they were shipped 5-20-09 from Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX, to supposedly Tahlequah, OK - never received them. our USPO is not large enough to have lost them so someone is enjoying my phones and now I can't seem to file a claim because they are SMARTPOST. Seller has my money but I don't have phones.

I knew nothing about this horrible FedEx SmartPost until I ordered an item off Amazon. Well half the package was shipped UPS and the other half was shipped Fedex SmartPost. I ordered the items about 10 days ago. The UPS order arrived in about four days. I live in Mississippi and the items were coming from Kentucky.

I noticed a lot of packages on here have gone in circles. Mine went in a logical path. Campbellsville, KY to Southaven, MS (Memphis) a straight shot, but then it just kind of sat there for six days before it moved again... I live in Meridian which has an airport that a Fedex plane flies to from Memphis every single night. I don't know if someone has been using the package as a stool or doorstop but it is absolutely RIDICULOUS! I will never order from anyone who uses this shipping method EVER again!!

But what I don't understand is why FedEx would run such a crappy service when FedEx Ground is super fast and efficient... I know they are totally different organization-wise but they are both still FedEx. Get rid of SmartPost and just send everything Ground for crying out loud! When the federal government does things faster than a private business, it's time to nix that business...

also ordered a shirt from and it was sent using FedEx "Dumb"post.. i ordered at july 4 and it's already july 28 and i still haven't received it. dang, it's already a few miles away from where i live, then it suddenly went to KY?!!

Jul 28, 2009 12:58 AM
In transit

Jul 20, 2009 1:55 PM
Departed FedEx location

Jul 20, 2009 12:00 AM
Shipment information sent to USPS

Jul 19, 2009 4:18 PM
Arrived at FedEx location

Jul 16, 2009 4:13 AM
Departed FedEx location

Jul 15, 2009 11:31 PM
Arrived at FedEx location

Hey Everyone I work for fedex Smartpost... its very reliable service understand this the reason why some of the packages be taking so long to get your house is because there is thing called a misort where someone who works in the warehouse sent the package to the wrong truck and it was loaded on to there.. dont get me wrong yes we know which pakages go on which truck which that they shouldnt have been loaded on there in the first place..but jus like anything else people make mistakes so its really not the company its self its jus how your package was handle.. but trust me its a pretty good service... and cheap..

As a former worker at Fed Ex Smart Post i can tell you that they are a place that needs to fix its leaky trailors. I was an unloader over there and a lot of packages get wet because their trucks leak. In the winter, the packages would be frozen to the floor of the trailor. They have a massive turnover rate and they change temporary services like changing socks. There is really no profit in a service such as theres with an inadaquate system they have in place. Nobody gets 40 hours in the place and the place is full of unemployed people who were layed off from other places and what not. So you know that the people who handle your packages at Smart Post are not by any means the overpaid underworked people you think they are...think about that when you have a packeged that dont show up, shows up damaged or shows up late. The people brought in thru the temporary services are disposable tools or disposable grease rags, scapegoats and people who work there will get blackmarks on their referances for future jobs. The ones that are behind the desks of the place will use the internet and any other means to make sure you have a hell of a time getting a job anywhere if you give them the excuse, they will justify it and yet they wont take responsability for the inadaquacy of the operation. Theres not enough workers to do the job right and miss-sorts are going to happen. If they had to pay enough workers to do the job right, they wouldnt profit. The amount of workers in the place may look like a lot, but not really enough to handle the massive amounts of packages.

I met up with someone who didnt take kindly to excercising my right to compose blogs like this....Well guess only embolden me.
I am connected with a growing handful of people who just might be signing a petition/complaint that will be send to a few human rights groups about companies like this who feel justified in telling every single personnel agency bad things about people to effect their getting other work. Our complaint will be to charge that because of the internet, companies or individuals have the means to spread negativity about whoever and put people at a disadvantage and while they are immune and its a bunch of crap

My sister ordered something that FedEx shipped. She got it finally 2 weeks later. But it was left at a house 4 houses up the road from where she lives. Thank goodness the neighbor was nice enough to bring it to her.

FedEx needs to pay attention to what the hell they are doing. Someone could have stolen her merchandise or kept it and there would be nothing she could do even tho she did have insurance on it.

Listen up u assholes. Learn to READ THE ADDRESS!

Hey Guys! Learn to freaking READ!

My sister had a large order which of course was in a BIG box. She waited for it for a while. When it came.........You idiots dropped it off at a house 4 houses up from where she lives! It could have been stolen or the neighbor - who was nice enough to give it to her - could have been a jerk and kept it.

One word of advice for you all ------- LEARN TO FREAKING READ!!!!!!!!

i keep getting a bill for over 200 dollars, i didnt even use them some guy on the internet used my name and address to print out labels and send to me with my name on them. now i get the bill and everytime he ships somethin i get the returned shit and the bill and i have nothing to do with it, but fedex wants there money.becareful who u givre ur info to online they are probly from not paying it, he used a fake credit card. but because my adress is on it they think im responsible. john scott was the guy he said he lived in pa but works in nigeria,,,just another should look into scams more so us good people dont suffer

I ordered some supplies from a pet supply online. I paid $10 for shipping for a 3lb package. Never heard of "Smart Post". By UPS ground my package would get to me likely in 2-3 days for a similar cost. This morning I check my tracking and see that it won't be here until Sept 2nd. We'll see what happens but I hope it arrives in good shape and to my front door.. I am not a whiner.. I paid for my shipping and was totally unaware of the reputation of "Smart Post" Lucky me. Stand by, I will keep you posted..haha Paula

I work for a company that ships packages using DHL GlobalMail, UPS, Fedex Smartpost and the USPS directly. I can tell you that you had bad luck, period.
Their service is EXTREMELY EFFICIENT, I have numbers to prove it. We ship over 100000 packages each month and though it looks from your comments that everything is wrong, IT IS NOT.
There is a reason why its cheaper, if you want your package delivered soon, pay more and you'll get it delivered sooner, as simple as that.
I'll explain how all that works and so you can get off your high horses.
First, the company that you're buying stuff from has to send their packages to the closest Smartpost sorting facility, it is 100% UP TO THE COMPANY YOU ARE BUYING FROM to get the package delivered to Fedex. They also have the option of scheduling a Fedex truck for pick up which is ALWAYS on time. From there on, Smartpost takes over.
They have set up a large array of main facilities that process your packages, the packages get sent to the Smartpost facilities closer to your home. From there the package is taken to the CLOSEST USPS DDU (aka local post office) and they are the ones who finally deliver you package.

So yeah, sometimes weird things happen, if a person lives in Miami and orders something online from a local company, that company has to send the package to the closest Smartpost facility which is located in Orlando. Yes, the package goes up north just to be brought back the next day to the closest Miami USPS location. it seems weird but when you think about it, it is the most efficient way to deliver MILLIONS of packages a day.

I hope you guys keep an open mind and figure that your problems are a big deal for you because they are YOUR issues, on the big picture though you guys are a EXTREME minority.

I ordered two packages with free shipping via Fedex Smartpost and it had an estimated delivery time of 10 business days. They both actually arrived in 7 business days. The previous poster is right. All of you complainers are "an EXTREME minority."

I had two Items ship December 15. Both we're supposed to be delivered by the 21st. One item I received on th 19th with no problem. The other was not delivered to the post office instead it was shipped from Wisconsin to Texas. When it was supposed to be shipped to OHIO. I spoke to numerous customer service reps to no avail. One lady blatently lied and told me USPS was having problems with there tracking numbers and the package was in there possesion. When it was still sitting in the FedEx "dumbpost" facility in Texas, and USPS hadn't even recieved any info on the package what so ever. Well when finally contacted with Supervisor number 10 I was reassured the package would be delivered by the 24th. WRONG!!!! Didn't show up, and received a phone call from number 1-999-999-9999 on the 28th which ended up being another customer service rep who stated the package hadn't been routed wrong it was on it's normal course and would be delivered on the 30th. was she looking at the same tracking info I was?? Well now it is the package, and tracking info was updated yet again now with a scheduled delivery date of the 4th!!!! This is completley ridiculous, and FedEx refuses to show any accountablility what so ever. All I keep getting is I'm sorry, but there is nothing we can do. I have never had any sort of an issue like this with UPS. As a matter of fact I ordered Something the night of December 28th, and received it on the 30th from UPS with no special shipping and no problems!!

Also maybe we are "an EXTREME minority", but if I pay for a service I expect to get it without hassle, lies, and a pass the blame mentality. If there was any type of consideration to put a rush on my package because it was mis-routed do to there own negligence I would have been satisfied. Instead, like I stated before, all I got was an "OH WELL, it's your problem not ours" attitude!!

Here is the tour of the states my package has been taking for the past 16 days..............

Dec 15, 2009 5:00 PM Shipment information sent to FedEx

Dec 15, 2009 10:40 PM Arrived at FedEx location NEW BERLIN, WI

Dec 17, 2009 3:36 AM Departed FedEx location NEW BERLIN, WI

Dec 21, 2009 5:14 PM Arrived at FedEx location DALLAS, TX

Dec 21, 2009 11:39 PM Departed FedEx location DALLAS, TX

Dec 23, 2009 8:03 AM Arrived at FedEx location NEW BERLIN, WI

Dec 24, 2009 3:19 AM Departed FedEx location NEW BERLIN, WI

Dec 27, 2009 12:00 AM Shipment information sent to USPS DAYTON, OH

Dec 30, 2009 1:57 AM Arrived at FedEx location GROVE CITY, OH

Dec 30, 2009 3:12 AM Departed FedEx location GROVE CITY, OH

Dec 30, 2009 12:50 PM At USPS facility DAYTON, OH

Based on all the comments that I've read from this site, it seems like I am not getting my package in time for the wedding that i have to attend on saturday. Does anybody know if i can just pick up the package from a distribution center? i live near L.A, so maybe i can just pick up the package from their distribution center there so i can get the package on time

i worked for a company that handles the distribution of fedex smartpost packages until they reach the post offices. i quit when they started taking unreasonable deductions from my pay settlement. since 06-05-10 i have been trying to collect the $700 they neglected to pay me on my last two pay settlements. i have more than a dozen emails & texts stating they are either looking into it or going to be sending a check. does anyone know who i might contact at fedex reguarding pay settlement from their partner company? tiger logistics, memphis, tn. toll free#877-260-9930 they also may be responsible for your packages being delayed or at know were they are.