Who is Henry J. Tillman?


I came across a series of quotations by Henry J. Tillman, some of which are fantastic:

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

Life is something that everyone should try at least once.

Oregano is the spice of life.

The saying "Getting there is half the fun" became obsolete with the advent of commercial airlines.

The world is my lobster.

But exactly who is Henry J. Tillman? Is he an author? A comedian? A sports personality? The quotation sites don't reveal his claim to fame, and Google didn't help either.

So does anyone know who this guy is?


I have the same question. I wanna use some of this guys quotes but I have no idea who he is.
Do you know the answer yet?

I was wondering the same thing when I saw a quote from him on google, here is the brief wiki on him:
"There have been few "rags to riches to rags" stories in boxing more dramatic than that of Henry Tillman. Tillman was a former juvenile delinquent who was introduced to boxing and flourished. Tillman beat Mike Tyson twice as an amateur and then went on to win a Gold medal for the United States in the 1984 Olympics. Tillman's professional career was only average, however, and in 1990 Tyson knocked him out in the first round. In 1996 Tillman was arrested and charged with murdering a man outside a Nevada casino. He has since been sentenced to prison."

Victor Z: No, I'm fairly sure that's a different Henry Tillman than the "Henry J. Tillman" to whom these quotes are attributed. But the post is appreciated!

I had the same question. I found that there was a guy are utah.edu named Henry J. Tillman that posted some stuff to some newsgroups. He doesn't appear to be there now, but he may be at Southern University in Louisiana.

I have the same question. I just found his quotes and I'm not comfortable with quotes from someone I know nothing about. Can anyone help?

Has the mystery been solved? I wonder if the REAL Henry J. Tillman is enjoying a giggle....

The boxer was Henry Durant Tillman.

Thanks for the clarification, KP. And veramadera, we're still looking for who Henry _J_ Tillman is.

I thought I read about a Henry j. Tillman who was a physicist. Those don't sound much like thigs a physicist would say, though.

Well, Einstein had to do a "couple of things" with physics, but he said a lot of interesting phrases! ;)
e.g. "Imagination is better than knowledge".
H.J.Tillman is a physicist.

I found a Harold J Tillman online from wikipedia and he is listed as #257 on the sunday time's top 1000 rich list. Don't know if Henry could be used as an alternative to Harold but...

Through my research of the elusive Henry J. Tillman, I've come to the conclusion that he is not a real person and just a creation of Michael and Laura Moncur.
Used to their own designs from creating quotes without an obvious historical significance on their quotations page, to making their Starling Interactive blogs progress.

He's a physicist you morons! Worked on the Manhattan Project. Get a clue!

He's a physicist you morons! Worked on the Manhattan Project. Get a clue! PS... You SUCK!

So, Foobar, where's your proof? Or do you expect a bunch of people who suck to just believe you because you took 12 seconds to post a comment on this blog?

There may be a physicist name Henry J Tillman
but I think the one everyone is talking about is
a creation of Michael and Laura or he is some MORON WHO THINKS HE IA S PHSICIST.

always remember keep one hand on your drink and one in your pants and you will always have some thing to do.

So who really said "the world is my lobster" if it wasn't HJT

I would greatly appreciate any references that any of you might have for the various claims about the mysterious Mr. Tillman.

the henry tillman story: henry is a man who made it. i know cause i knew tillman when he first came to boxer, we both start it togethere on the y.t.s. boxing team with coach smithed, he made it, even know what happen to him out of the ring i see him as a man with that standing 8 count again him and look what happen he(henry) still fighting, for himself, his family and for all those that knows him. i the bible paul was a man that never give up even when those who were close to him left him except one and that was God, can't explane why God allow bad things to happen to those who are tried to do good, right now i'm just bless to know that henry is doing good and that he not in jail like a friend of are who name is lonny gray. Henry just keep fighting the good fight with your head up and just know that God will alway be in your corner

This discussion is so funny... I stumbled upon mr HJ Tillman's quote on travelling and thought it would be appropriate to use in the first entry of my travel blog but just like so many of you, I wondered who the heck he was or is, or who made him up...

He is quoted on several quotation sites but doesn't even have a wikipedia... and almighty google only helped me reach this thread, where no one seems to know the answer either... LOL

He's a camera-shy legend, whoever he is.

He doesn't seem to exist in any legitimate quotation dictionaries.

Hidaly Hoe neighbor. It turns out Henry J. Tillman is a pen name.....The author of the quotes did not want to be recognized as he has enjoys an other than literary reputation. In his small town of Springfield, the author drinks beer, hangs with local naredowells, and does his best to stay out his wife's way while she rears their three children. He is gainfully employed at the town power plant, but secretly writes witty quotes for a hobby. May the good lord not punish me for revealing his hidden identity: Homer J. Simpson

How're you doing Ronnie,
This is the real Henry Tillman, and thank you for the incouragement because that is what I do with the up's and downs of my life and that's what more people need to do than trying to make people feel bad about there situations in there life. I will never stop fighting for life and is using my fight of life to inspire other to never ever quit. With that said i've went back to scool at 44 years young and achieved my GED, degrees in word, access,power point and excel. Then I went to collage for two semesters taking up business, and is now The Managing Director at Aurora Capital Strategies LTD.

website: www.auroracapital.org

So to all people that's not afraid to get up and dust themselves off and try again, never ever quit Champ.

The real Henry Tillman 1984 Gold Baby!

I'll use the quotes, but attributing them to "Author unknown".