Something's missing from my McDonald's fruit salad


So on our way back from Chicago today, Lori and I stopped at McDonald's to try their new Fruit & Walnut Salad, which actually looks pretty good on the billboards. The ad copy on their website sounds pretty tasty too:

McDonald's Fruit & Walnut Salad

Wow, McDonald's has really done it with their new Fruit & Walnut Salad. it's just what a girl wants. a heavenly combination of fresh, crisp apples...juicy, seedless grapes...creamy, low-fat yogurt and sweet candied walnuts. and the best part? it's perfect for breakfast, lunch or snacktime, so i can get a "fruit buzz"...whenever. finally, fresh fruit is at McDonald's! i don't think it gets any better than that.

So it was with no small amount of gusto that Lori dove into the bag to revel in the fruity goodness. She came up a little disappointed.

Here's a close-up of what the bag promises:

Here's what actually was in the bag (besides a miniscule cup of yogurt about the size of those little paper cups you put ketchup in):

A few of the apple slices were pretty mangy looking, so we tossed those. Also, there was none of the candied walnuts featured so prominently in the name of this dish. Are they supposed to be in the bowl, or do they come in a separate little baggie, or what? Oh, and where's the darn green fork we're supposed to get?

For $2.99, my expectations weren't exactly high, but it looks like McDonald's, at least the store in East Nowhere, Indiana we visited, needs a little work on its fruit execution. At least they trademarked yet another insipid catchphrase.


I can imagine this not panning out. If you watch them put together salads at any McDonald's it is such a crap shoot.

I, too, was looking forward to the fruit salad today. Stopped by on my way from working out to get one for my lunch. When I got home I was surprised to find such a small salad for $2.99. It was good, fresh, crisp but needed something else. Celery? Water chesnuts? A couple cubes of cheese? Jicama? Yogurt was good but small portion. If it had been a bit more finished (ingredients and size) I would have started going to McDonald's again. Too bad.

I was disappointed (sp?) too..and I was really looking forward to a refreshing salad, not cut-up fruit. As for the nuts, yes, they should have been in a seperate bag. Sorry you didn't get any as they were the best part.

Yeah, I just picked one up today. Was a bit disappointed by the size, but I guess this is the idea of portion control. We are used to the Super Size Me effect I guess. Anway, it was good, but I dont' know if I would spend so much next time, I would rather go the grocery store by a bag of apples, a bunch of grapes and a small tub of yorgurt and make my own. At least I'll have enough for about a week and I will only spend a few buck more.

McDonalds' good try.

Well.. in Hawaii this Fruit and Walnut Salad runs around $4.00... so you guys are lucky.. They forgot my Nuts as well.. but hey... atleast I got the right order this time. I thought the salad was good.. It is perfect for a quick snack for my son as well as a light lunch for myself... I don't lyk the Green Apples they are sour.. and yeah.. I think the yogurt should be 3 times the size....I agree with the CHEESE part... it would be cute and only a few cents more if they threw in one of those Peely Cheese Stick things? I lyk it though...