dollar_bill.gifI wandered down to the vending area at work on Friday and I found a dollar bill sitting on top of one of the snack machines. Stamped on it was "wheresgeorge.com" -- so I had to find out what this was.

Well, it turns out that the Where's George? site bills itself (pun intended) as "The Great American Dollar Bill Finder."

The idea is that you can enter the serial code and unique ID info from the dollar bill into the database and see where it's been tracked. The tracking isn't anything scientific or government-sponsored, it's just folks like you and me putting the data into the website. But, it's amusing when you see one.

It's ironic to think that there are lots of folks freaked out about the (false) idea of the government tracking those $20 bills in your pocket using the little plastic strip in them, but other folks are more than happy to input the location of their cash into a publicly accessible website.


here i is

I don't know why people are putting serial numbers here. Go to www.wheresgeorge.com and enter the serial number and series there. Create a user ID while you are at it! :)

I received this dollar at my place of business in Orange City, FL. 4/9/04

got it from casey`s in Huntsville,Mo on 3/20/04

I got this bill when I went to Mercers and got change back.

Recived a one dollar bill at Chevron gas station
in Pikeville, Kentucky 4/27/04. Still haven't spent the dollar yet.

i have gorge... im in NJ... it makes you wonder... i dont think im ever going to put money in my mouth agin...ok im lieing

I ask why are we doing this? Also do I get to see the "database"?

I ask why are we doing this? Also do I get to see the "database"?

i found the dollar in the walmart parking lot in Toledo, Ohio gave it to the Faith Bible Baptist Church

I received this dollar bill from the Union Bank teller in La Jolla California and I spent it on a Jewish Community Center function also in La Jolla on May 7, 2004

I received a $1 bill at the Totem Pole (Indian Reservation)when buying cigarettes in Pembroke NY. Thought it might be kinda neat to see where this goes; however, there's more than one which doesn't make it as much fun! Blessings..........

i found a dollor that said "who am i find out aat www.wheresgeorge.com i found this dollor in newark califonia.bye the way i am 12 and i save my money so you wont be seeing it any more unless he/she rites another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have received this bill in st.catharines canada on August 6, 2005.

i found a 20 dollar wheresgeorge bill in my house. I live in NJ

I recieved this bill in change at the County Swim Meet at Accallanes High school in Lafayette, Ca

i have a 5 doller were is the man lol great valley ny

D82843529C NorthWest Ohio 12-15-05.

Found in Bainbridge,Ga

I recieved a 10.00 bill from walmart in Lafayette La.now im passing it on. :}

I got the $20 bill last Friday at Parkvale Bank, in Pitttsburgh, PA. I still have it.

I myself am a wheresgeorge guy that marks dollar bills using my computer printer.I think I am one of the few guys that uses mainly black ink.

I like money!!!!!!!!!!

If you enter your bills here, they won't get tracked. All you have to do is go to www.wheresgeorge.com, register, and you can track your bills all across the world (from a fellow Georger in CA)

We found this 1 dollar in the laundry room of our house our son Lucas found it....

hi everybody my name is michael ayers i live in the uk i picked up the bill in new york and brought it home so its now the uk i still have it and i am not going to get rid of it.

George is in Marquette, Michigan

i receive this bill when a mouse bring to me because my theet was fall . i put my theet under my pillow aqnd in the morning i check down i saw my dollar bill. it was great. i am liliana i am six years old.

i got mine from milios in hamilton,oh

Chillicothe Ohio setting it free!


Hey!!! Go to http://www.wheresgeorge.com and enter these serical numbers along with the series numbers too. It does no good to enter them here!!!

Click on my name to go to the website!

Go to WheresGeorge.com to enter the series and serial numbers.

I received a $1 'wheresgeorge' today at our coffee shop. I live on the island of Guam in the south pacific.

Hi my name is Hayley and i was just counting my money from my B-day and I seen it and wondered what it was about so I got on that website and it said what it was about so I thought it was kinda cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Man it was funny when my little Bro seen it he freeked out he thought it was worth money so he kept tring to take it from me!!!!

For got to mention that I live in Barrington,Illinois


I got this dollar at sonic in San Antonio,Texas.

posted by:barb at 10:43 pm found george in fremont,ohio

$1.00 bill in change. Saw wheresgeorge.com (never heard of this (guess I live in the back woods.Re-ceived in Cripple Creek, Co. Spent in Victoria, Texas. Didn't even realize I should have written down serial #(like I said never heard of it.

i don't know any thing about this so what to do with the money ?

This bill is in a little town in Perry County, Ohio.

i found this one in columbus ohio

i got this $1.00 bills as tips in s.t.l and i was like whatt the heck are this no.s for?so idecided ...........

I received the bill from the bank,in milwaukee Wis i am going to use it today at the Home Depot.I hope everyone has a great day. June 20,2006

san Jo Ca. dollar bill

dollors bill


I got this dollar bill as change at a softball tournament in Quad Cities. Moline, Il.

in a car wash

hi, im steve and im the lucky recipient of this dollar here in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, may its flight continue and touch some many

my brother went to the gas station to buy a gallon of water and had only a twenty dollar bill... the cashier had nothing but one's and he gave it to him and here it with me now!

I found this $20 in a Western Union Agent in Angeles City, Philippines.

Found one at Medford Oregonon 7-11-06

got this dollar from a stripper in northern minnesota, why she gave me this dollar i have no clue,. funny isn't it.lol. wasn't i sposed to stick it in her sweaty thong? also got to have sex with her too.


i got this 5dollar bill at the high-burger in murray ky.

recieved this bill in sioux falls sd

I got this at upper BP

we got george near the canadian border

san francisco,ca @chinese restaurant

the more u say dont post messages that say: "I FOUND A BILL", people r gonna do it 2 make u mad! and the more that the letters r all uppercased like ur screaming, thats even worse! so just make a nother damn name 4 ur stupid website... i still dont c the difference in this website and the other one!(there both spelt the same)
take my advice and stay tiitewit it!,

Holmz, the name of this website is "GearBits" -- see it in the upper left hand corner if you scroll all the way up to the top of this page? It is located at WWW.GEARBITS.COM. The title of this _article_ (this is a blog, see?) is "WheresGeorge.com" since I was writing about finding a dollar bill with that message printed on it.

The actual WWW.WHERESGEORGE.COM website is somewhere else, run by someone I don't know (I've nothing to do with it) -- type WWW.WHERESGEORGE.COM into your browser and go there. You might notice that it's a different site altogether.

I am now closing comments on this blog entry since there is no further reason for commenting.

Me dieron un dolar en la habana cuba y segui las indiceciones chao

este billete de dolar me lo dieron de cambio en laredo texas en un wall-mart numero de serie L 78176983N wheresgeorge.com

hi i found george serial number a11604784e in esnenada mexico . I went to wheresgeorge website but it would not load up right.

the buck stops here in San Bruno California. I am going to frame it. so it's good-bye to L18561371M. I got it today with a Big Carl! Merry Xmas everybody

i have a one dollar bill that have www.wheresgeorge.com on it and i like to sell it for some money contect me if you are interested at my email adress is delroywalkin@yahoo.com or call me at 649-345-7956

i found a dollar bill c001659108

i found it in houston,texas cereal no.c001659108