Do Not Taunt Duralex


duralex.jpgI was reminded of the classic Saturday Night Live fake TV advertisement Happy Fun Ball by the "use and care" instructions that accompanied a set of 6 small glass prep bowls that we got for Christmas. Beyond the fact that Duralex appears 25 times in the instructions, some of the more bizarre statements from the 5-page instruction manual include:

" made of tempered glass. This is actually not the same as ordinary glass." Hence the word "tempered."

"Duralex, even though particularly resistant by its inherent qualities, is still glass." Wait a just said...

"...if subjected to severe impact, can break either immediately or later, without apparent cause." Fun for amateur mentalists wanting to impress their friends.

"The breaking of the glass may be accompanied by a loud noise. It will break in small fragments, contrary to ordinary glass." I'm still this glass or not?

"Use only plastic or nylon sponges." What about sponge sponges?

"Never stack one glass inside another unless the glass is specifically called "Stackable." :-\

Methinks the manufacturer may be taking his glass bowls a bit too seriously.


Last night, my 8 yr old just handed me a large Duralex tumbler to put into the dishwasher. I was leaning over and it literally expoloded in my hand and very near my eyes/face. Glass was EVERYWHERE, thank goodness neither of us was hurt. It's not worth the risk to have them in the house. I too will be returning them ALL to Williams-Sononoma.

Thank you! You have solved the mystery of the exploding bowls once in the cupboard around 1AM
(accompanied by a loud band) and most recently a year later,last night around 10 PM. My wife was convinced that the former owner who had died on the propoerty was revisiting the house each winter! You have allowed us to live in peace now that I have trown OUT the "stackable", "chip resistant", "glass"!! Cheers, Allyn

Thank you. You've explained our amazing exploding glasses. They sometimes explode in your hand while pulling them from the dishwasher! Very exciting, to say the least. No serious injuries yet, but they are going in the trash after I call William-Sonoma. Thanks again.

My glass exploded while removing it from the dishwasher last night. I was holding it in my hand when all of a sudden it exploded. I screamed and my husband came running in. It sounded like a gunshot. I kept looking at my hand amazed that it was still intact. I am already looking in to buying a new, non-tempered set of glasses.

I just threw out the second Duralex bowl that spontaneously exploded in our kitchen. The remainder of the set is following it into the trash. These things are scary and potentially dangerous.

An exploding glass bowl ruined the pie-maker's Christmas Eve at our house...she was just spooning merangue out of it and it exploded all over the kitchen...shards of glass everywhere, inlcuding the other pie sitting right next to the banana cream pie in progress. The other bowl is going to the recycle bin!!! Where is the Product Safety Commission on this problem??

These bowls suck. I just had one explode when mixing some cheese for a lasagna. I had glass all over the place what the hell is going on with that. I had cuts up and down my arms and totally went into a shock. I couldn't believe it how could anyone sell such a dangerous bowl for kitchen use is totally crazy. I am beside myself. Still in shock and I am throwing out all the food and bowls asap. These things suck and now will go and finish cleaning my kitchen.

One of my Duralex glasses exploded in my hand this evening. I gently reached into my cabinet and softly placed my hand around it and it instantly exploded in my hand and face. It shattered into pieces and some sharp pieces. My hand was bleeding and had numerous, almost microscopic shavings of glass stuck in my hand every where. The glass was not hot or cold. It did not hit up against anything. I had barely even touched it. Glass was all in the cabinet, counter tops, floor and all the way into my den and breakfast room. I bought them also from Williams and Sonoma. My eyes are stinging and watering. I am afraid very small glass fibers may be in my eyes now. This product is very dangerous and I am afraid to even touch these glasses now. Are there any recalls on these glasses?

OMG 2 of these bowls have exploded in my face from nothing these are extremely dangerous....we should band together and form a law suit against the companies producing these...I am outraged that this product is still being sold and they know of these tragedies....I truly believe i suffered a mild heart attack NO JOKE both times that this has happened.....Please contact me if you would like to take some action against this horrible dura-death-lex djkliveATyahooDOTcom.

For the record I had a Duralex cup explode this morning. It was just sitting on the bed table with a little room temperature water in it. Small bits of glass and water were everywhere. Only the handle itself was unaffected. (The cup was purchased sometime after 2000, probably closer to 2005 from Bed and Bath.)